The Most Realistic Lightsaber Ever


most realistic lightsabers


“Do or do not; there is no try.”

If you’ve ever wanted your own lightsaber, you are in luck. The Star Wars FX Lightsaber is available so you and your friends can have your own lightsaber battles. It is referred to as the most realistic lightsaber ever because it is licensed by LucasFilm and has a variety of features distinguish it from other imitation lightsabers. Imagine how jealous all the other “Jedi” will be at Halloween when they see this hanging at your hip.

The Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber ignites with authentic power ups and power downs, can be activated from your belt in mere seconds and has digitally recorded sound effects taken directly from Star Wars movies.  Your unique motions dictate which sounds the lightsaber makes. It lights up at its bottom and hums just like real Star Wars lightsabers.

The Star Wars FX Lightsaber is available in 2 different styles: Yoda and Luke Skywalker. Pick one up today and you’ll soon find yourself shadow fighting an imaginary Darth Vader in your living room or use it as the ultimate addition to the perfect Jedi costume for Halloween.