Chewbacca Can Cooler

chewbacca can cooler



If you are looking for a cool new way to carry your beer, soda or other canned drink around, the Chewbacca Can Cooler is for you. This little cooler is an officially licensed piece of Star Wars merchandise. Its purpose is two-fold. In terms of functionality, the Chewbacca Can Cooler keeps your drink uber-cold. Yet the coldness won’t linger on your hand after you lift it to your mouth. The cooler’s other purpose is to look nice. Any science fiction fan or Star Wars aficionado will absolutely adore this awesome creation.

The Chewbacca Can Cooler features a special rubber inner sleeve that grips any type of 12 ounce can. You can also place a stubby in the cooler without a problem. The exterior is built with a “Wookiee pelt” composed of high quality polyester. As long as you don’t machine wash this beauty, it will remind you of Chewbacca and keep your drink cold for decades to come. All in all, the Chewbacca Can Cooler stands 4 and a half inches tall, making it an immediate eye-catcher. Pick up the cooler today for yourself or the Star Wars lover in your life.