Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model Kit

Millenium Falcon Model


“Travelling through hyperspace ain’t like dustin’ crops, boy!” Han Solo.

This Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model Kit is a combination of fine molds that you’ll put together to recreate the Millennium Falcon. If you love to build things or just have a passion for Star Wars, you’ll adore this kit. It is a series of unpainted plastic parts that are mounted on sprues. Since it is made of fine molds, you won’t have to worry about filling seams or sanding pieces like other model kits require. The Millennium Falcon is ready to be put together right out of the box.

It’s the perfect item for science fiction geeks and kids as well. If you are a parent, you’ll enjoy working side by side with your youngster as you put together your own Millennium Falcon. The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model is about 1 foot in size and is a 1/72 scale model. It looks exactly like the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars flicks right down to every last detail.

Pick up the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Model today. It makes an excellent holiday gift or you can buy it for yourself as a decoration or keepsake.