Firefly Browncoat Replica for the Ultimate Malcolm Reynolds Costume

firefly browncoat replica


Browncoats Unite!

Fans of the popular Firefly series can wear their passion…literally. This Firefly Browncoat Replica is the premier browncoat on the market. It is made with an ultra smooth suede exterior that smells absolutely lovely. There’s an extra soft lining on the interior for the ultimate in comfort. Firefly fans will immediately notice that this replica has the same brass buckles that adorned the real browncoats from the popular television series. This brown coat will blow away all the other cap’n tight pants at the costume part or on Halloween. This is the ultimate finishing touch to a truly awesome Malcolm Reynolds costume

True to form, the browncoat is quite long and that’s not a bad thing. It will extend to your kneecaps just like the ones worn by Mal and the rest of the gang. It is sold in small, medium, large, extra large and extra extra large sizes. This replica is officially licensed and made by AbbyShot so you know it is the real deal. It is actually the new and improved version 2.0 of the company’s browncoat.

Just be sure to wear it to fan meet ups and other special events so that you don’t compromise its premium condition…. or wear it wherever you goram well like! If you notice any wrinkles on your browncoat when it arrives put it in the bathroom after a hot shower to let the steam work out those temporary imperfections.

Pick up the Firefly Browncoat Replica today. All you’ll need to add is a red scarf and you’ll look like you walked right off the set of Firefly!