Batteriser Will Help Your Batteries Last Longer

Batteriser– It’s hard to imagine that this “low-tech” gadget, comprised only of a stainless steel sleeve with a miniature circuit board at one end, simply clips over a “D,” “C,” “AA” or “AAA” battery to rejuvenate its lifespan. It will actually bring a “dead” battery to life, by drawing out its previously untapped power.


Here’s the deal: today’s high-tech, battery-draining gadgets tend to quit working after they’ve only used about 20% of a battery’s power. That’s because these finicky devices differentiate between electrical current loads; if they require 1.6 volts, but battery output drops below this level, the device fails–it “believes” the battery is dead, even though the battery retains 80% of its power. This is because alkaline batteries are not particularly efficient when it comes to an even distribution of energy. How many times have you shaken the television remote to make it work again? Yeah–it’s like that. You’ve extended the battery life by adjusting the contact points, and herein we find the connection between an old trick with aluminium foil and the Batteriser’s stainless steel design: not only is the metal conductive, but it also keeps pressure on the battery, assuring it fits snugly between the contact points which ensures efficient conduction (a little secret).

The Batteriser enhances a battery’s lifespan by compensating for its uneven power distribution. The steel sleeve serves as a conduit, while the node and electrode on the one end draws and regulates the battery’s energy. In this way, Batteriser acts as a voltage booster, which is nothing new. But the great thing about Batteriser is that it actually fits inside your devices, and is safe to use.

Rebutting the Naysayers

Naysayers–using pseudo science at best–have tried to thwart Batteriser’s claims by counter-claiming that battery drop-off doesn’t actually occur until three quarters of the battery’s capacity has been spent. So, who’s right, and who’s wrong? Batteriser’s claims of up to 8 times standard battery life is backed by the very well known and well respected UL labs. The doubters…? Right. You can also check out the Technical Q&A posted at

So, is Batteriser worth giving a whirl? Considering each sleeve costs less than $3.00, actually has been shown to stand up to it’s bold claims by a respected outside laboratory and could essentially save you money–not to mention help save the environment by reducing battery waste–would it really hurt to try? Not if you want to get the most out of a battery safely. Besides, Batteriser sleeves look really cool–especially compared to aluminium foil. Give it a go, Support Batteroo and secure yourself some of the first release of Batterisers here!