SpaceX Will Attempt Another Rocket Landing This Sunday.

This weekend SpaceX will launch another cargo re-supply mission to the ISS designated CRS-7. After launch SpaceX are going to attempt to land the Rocket’s first stage on their barge drone for a third time this year. You can actually watch it live via a stream from NASA. You can see the stream on Sunday June 28th at 10:00 PM WST at the bottom of this page.

Space X


Image Credit: Steve Jurvetson

The first two attempts this year both had fiery endings but perhaps third time lucky.

If SpaceX and lEon Musk succeed at landing a rocket it will be a massive step towards their goal of providing a cheaper launch service. If they can re-use the first stage of a rocket it will significantly decrease the costs of a launch to both spaceX and their clients.

Spacex Drone Barge

Fingers Crossed.

Good Luck SpaceX.