A Spacecraft that Sails On Light?!

A Spacecraft that Sails On Light?!

The Planetary Society has been working on getting a spacecraft into orbit that sails on light. On the 20th of May Lightsail-A was shot into space aboard an Atlas V rocket. It sat alongside a payload of other cube sats and the not so secret US Air Force X-37B mini shuttle. You can see the video of the launch here.

Lightsail is a revolutionary new way of traveling through space and hopefully it will be a positive and cost effective way to continue space exploration.

Bill nye (The Science Guy) has been updating the Lightsail backers every day or so on the progress of Lightsail-A as the team learn from this test flight. Now that the test flight is over everyone at The Planetary Society is looking ahead to the 2016 launch of Lightsail-B.

You can also back Lightsail on Kickstarter. But get in quick as there is only 4 days left to Pledge!

Update: Only 24 Hours left!

Update 2: The Lightsail Kickstarter campaign has now ended and I’m happy to report that it was fully funded and then some. They campaign received over $1.24 million worth of funding from the public. All of their stretch targets were met with an amazing amount of support from over 23,000 backers. Now let’s look forward to the Launch of Lightsail-B in 2016.

There are a number of cool rewards to choose from if you do decide to pledge.

Lightsail reward


Lightsail Reward

Lightsail Reward

This is a just a few of the rewards available. Pledge Now before it’s too late!

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